You’ve assembled a “straight A” team that works well together. Your department is experiencing “red letter days.” So how can you ensure that your employees remain together?

If you’re searching for the “Ps and Qs” of employee retention, look no further. Just follow the advice below, and keeping your people happy and content is as easy as… well… ABC!

Always Show Respect.
Show your employees that you care about them as workers and as people. They deserve it.

Traditional health and welfare benefits are critical. But consider mixing in other perks your people would appreciate (e.g., movie passes, pizza days).

Pay should be competitive, and raises should be based on performance rather than seniority.

Decision Making.
By involving employees in decisions that affect them, you increase their commitment to the company.

Enlist Problem Solvers.
Invite your employees to help solve problems whenever it’s practical. It increases their ownership in the department’s success.

Fulfilling Work.
Make sure all employees have at least a part of their job that’s of high interest to them.

Get Flexible.
Innovative services and flexible working arrangements can increase employee productivity and loyalty.

Hire Wisely.
Turnover often occurs when employees don’t fit within your corporate culture.

People are motivated by different things. The trick is to find out what motivates each of your employees and then reinforce what matters most to them.

By bringing some fun into the office, you make it enjoyable for your employees to come into work.

Know Them.
Get to know your employees. Ask them about their families and their interests, as well as their work.

Employees feel loyalty to managers who listen to their concerns–both work-related and personal.

When managers take the time to mentor their employees, they forge strong ties with them.

Never Criticize in Public.
If one of your employees makes a mistake, rationally speak to him or her about it behind closed doors. Yelling never solves anything.

Implementing a well-designed orientation program helps employees become productive faster. It also demonstrates your commitment to their success.

Practice What You Preach.
People can commit to corporate or department values more easily when their managers set the example.

Quarterly Reviews.
Schedule reviews at least once a quarter to review and revise your employees’ goals.

Build a strong reputation for your department, and employees will want to work for and stay with you.

Stand Back.
Employees appreciate it when you give them the flexibility to perform their jobs as they see fit.

Opportunity to learn new skills should be part of all job descriptions. Training can be classroom formal or lunchtime informal.

Use the Magic Words.
Employees expect and deserve common courtesy, so don’t forget to say please and thank you.

People like being recognized for a job well done. Rewards don’t have to be expensive, but they should always be personal.

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce. So provide free flu shots, or offer free wellness seminars.

X-it Interview.
Determining why employees leave is critical to understanding and preventing turnover.

Celebrate successes and milestones reached-both work-related and personal.

Zealously Ask for Input.
Put up a suggestion box, and let everyone know that you would sincerely appreciate their feedback.

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