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The Affordable Care Act’s “50”

The Affordable Care Act references the number 50 as how many full-time employees a company can have before providing affordable health insurance to its employees.  If your company is well below, or well above this number, it probably seems irrelevant.  However, if your company is close to this number, it could be very confusing.

First, the term full-time is questionable.  How many hours a week is “full-time?”  Full-time, according to Forbes, is defined as working thirty plus hours a week on average for a one month period of time. 

Second, who is counted in the final count?  If your company is primarily seasonal, you may not have that many qualifying employees.  According to Forbes, If an employee works less than 120 days during the year, they are considered seasonal.  However, part-time, non-seasonal workers are counted on cumulative hours worked, by 120.

With October 1, 2013 (the date the exchanges open) quickly approaching, it is imperative to learn all that you can to protect yourself and your business.  If you have any questions, contact an insurance broker or business attorney.

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