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Essential Personnel’s Services Can Benefit Your Company

interviewAt Essential Personnel, we provide services for our clients that include search, recruitment and selection of employees for companies who don’t have the time to interview screen and hire employees that are needed for permanent, seasonal, or temporary positions. Many of our clients also like to use our temp-to-hire services which allows the company to try the employee before they are hired directly. This is the “try before you buy” option, while the employee is on Essential Personnel’s payroll. The temp-to-hire service also allows employers to shift some risk to Essential Personnel while the employee is working on our payroll.

Companies can also use Essential Personnel for Payrolling services, which is different from traditional staffing and recruiting services. This is an option many companies choose who don’t want to take on the burden of payroll, monthly reporting, unemployment risk and employee benefits. These companies understand that their time is more valuable running and growing their business than dealing with staffing and employment issues. In many cases, Essential Personnel has been able to provide this service at less than the company pays to do it them self.

Essential Personnel’s staff continually seeks out new trends in human resources, recruitment practices, healthcare reform and industry changes.  By staying up to date on these issues, it allows our employment consultants to provide superior service to company clients, as well as the ability to share knowledge to assist our clients on a number of fronts; including staffing, retention, and budgeting.

Using Essential Personnel to staff can actually result in a lower hiring cost for companies.  It allows a savings in human resource staff, time spent by management, as well as the cost related to hiring; like pre-employment testing, background screening, drug tests, and interviewing time.  Essential Personnel also can save companies money in payroll processing time, and benefits that are provided to employees who work for our company.

Essential Personnel has a large network of resources and local database of candidates.  Having these valuable assets prevents time loss and advertising costs on the end of the company.  Essential Personnel can fill a variety of permanent and temporary positions for a variant of industries. We have a large team of employment consultants with diversified experience to meet the companies need.

Essential Personnel can also help with retention.  By giving a company the opportunity to observe an employee before rolling them over to their payroll, it gives a company time to ensure that they are a good fit and have a good work ethic.  Overall, Essential Personnel can help a company on a variety of issues; call us today to see how we can help you save time and money!