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Using Job Descriptions to Entice Job Seekers

A well thought out and written job description can simplify your hiring process, they can define expectations and job responsibilities. First a description will help a candidate decide if the job is of interest. Second, the description will help you interview the candidate to decide if the candidate is right for the position. The job description can help you in training new employees. Finally, the description forms the backbone of your evaluation and review process.

To start writing a job description, make a list of the tasks you expect the employee to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual schedule. Take the tasks and make them as clear and accurate as possible. Include activities that will need to take place to achieve each task, as well as any company related policies to said task.

By taking the time to create a well thought out job description, you will save yourself time in the future as well as give the employee peace of mind when they know exactly what is expected of them.