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Hiring Summer Help – Be Prepared!

Hiring additional seasonal workers for the summer months is a common practice.  While these extra helpers get us through our busy season, they cause extra work for management and HR.  Here are some tips to increase your preparedness this year.

Evaluate the Previous Season What worked well for you last year? What didn’t? If you have a full understanding of where your program is working and where it’s falling short, you can maintain strengths and address weaknesses in a proactive, thoughtful way.

Keep Orientation Brief and to the Point Seasonal workers do not need to know the entire history of the company, they really only need to know the specifics on anything directly related to their position at the company.  There is no need to go over benefits that temporary workers are not eligible for, or positions they will not work in.  Do a basic, brief training that will cover all of the key points to make them effective at their job, without overloading them with information.

Prepare your Permanent Staff Make sure that your regular staff, HR and managers are ready for the additions to their team.  It may be beneficial to put together a quick training for management to understand their role in supervising the temporary staff, as well as prepare them with specific issues and circumstances you have had arise in the past..

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate When it comes to the addition of any new team member, the most vital piece of the work puzzle is communication.  This is especially true when you are hiring a group of people.  Make sure that there is always a clear understanding of roles, as well as resources available.

Keeping a Positive Attitude There will definitely be days that will be difficult, but it is those days that it is most important to keep smiling and keep a positive attitude.  A good plan and a good attitude will pull you through the busy holiday season!

Don’t Abandon Standard Practices Don’t circumvent or omit your normal processes and procedures just because timelines are tight and pressure is high. Doing so could lead to unnecessary risk.