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Keep Motivated During Your Job Search

Job hunting can be difficult; it can be like a full time job. Job hunting can also be frustrating, rewarding, exciting and depressing. How do you stay focused and motivated through it all? Here are some tips:

Be Realistic

Applying for multiple jobs with no calls can make you feel like a failure. When looking for work, be realistic. Look at what salary you are aiming, what skills you possess and how many positions are out there that fit your criteria. It may take a few weeks, or a few months to find a position.

Celebrate the Victories

You have been diligently working…on finding work. You sent off two resumes today, received a call for an interview and are feeling like it is falling into place. Take time to celebrate! Have a cup of coffee, a chat with a friend, whatever will helps your spirit. Celebrate the wins.

Work Hard, Make Time for Play

To avoid wearing yourself out, remember to maintain the balance between job hunting and enjoying your life. Create realistic schedules and include breaks to take time out for family and friends. If you don’t enjoy your down time, you will quickly become too tired of job hunting to keep it up.

Use Your Resources

Quality is better than quantity. Avoid chasing every job vacancy with a mere click on the “apply” icon. Spend time understanding where you want to be. Use the services of Essential Personnel to help you find work by matching your skills with job openings.

Be Confident

Look at every rejection as practice, particularly true of interviews. Where possible, get feedback from a recruiter and identify where you can improve. Don’t let negative thoughts get the best of you.