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The Benefits of a Staffing Agency Partnership

Whether you’re just starting a business or experiencing rapid growth, one of the challenges you will face is finding qualified employees. One way to relieve some of the hiring burden is to implement the services of a staffing agency. Agencies can assist you whether you are seeking permanent workers or must fill a short-term employment need.

Saving Time

It takes time to recruit job candidates, particularly when conducting multiple rounds of job interviews with several candidates. Time spent on recruiting takes you away from the other aspects of running your business, which makes you less productive. Staffing agencies perform all the recruiting and hiring activities for you, including arranging drug screenings and conducting background and reference checks. In many cases, you will only have to meet candidates to finalize the selection.


If you are a new business owner or have no experience hiring employees, staffing agencies can provide hiring expertise that helps you avoid costly mistakes. For instance, staffing agencies are skilled in screening and interviewing techniques that effectively weed out undesirable or unqualified job candidates. Consequently, you may experience less turnover than when hiring without assistance. Agencies are also well-versed in employment law, reducing your risk of inadvertently engaging in illegal or discriminatory hiring practices.

Greater Candidate Access

Staffing agencies often have access to a larger pool of candidates than business owners. In some cases, the right person may already be in the agency’s database, allowing you to fill your open position quickly. Agencies also typically have strong ties with the business community and local universities. Some recruiting agencies specialize in certain jobs or industries, making it easier for you to fill positions requiring unique skill sets.

Filling Short-Term Needs

If your business is seasonal, or you only need employees to meet a short-term need, temporary staffing agencies can provide the solution. Temp agencies can often provide the manpower to fill a large number of short-term openings quickly, saving you the costs associated with hiring permanent employees, such as fringe benefits. If you decide to keep one or more employees on a permanent basis, you’ll have qualified and trained candidates that you already know are capable of doing the job.

Source:; by Chris Joseph, Demand Media