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How to Dress for Your Interview

photo_32260_20140621You have dusted off your resume, polished your cover letter and received the call. You have an interview. Now you must decide how you will present yourself. What you wear to an interview will create the perception of who you are. It is critical to present yourself as the right candidate and your dress attire for the interview could help set you apart.

Tips on how to dress to make a positive impact:

  • Interview attire will depend on the job and industry in which you’ll be interviewing, as well as the geographic location and season.
  • Research the company, trade and competitors to determine suitable interview attire.
  • If you are still unsure, always err on the side of overdressed. Do not show up more casual than it appropriate.
  • If you currently don’t own an outfit suitable for interviewing, you can seek help at a department store, or from a personal shopper. Only borrow an outfit if it fits you as perfectly as if you had purchased it.
  • Iron your outfit before your interview.
  • Avoid wearing perfume or cologne. Scents can be personal and overwhelming to some.
  • Wear makeup and jewelry that are appropriate to the job/company/industry.

Remember, in an interview their perception of who you are is their reality. Project a clear, positive image of yourself during the interview by looking put together, as well as being well rehearsed to answer questions competently.