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Addressing a Job-Hopping Resume in an Interview

Times, they are a changing and that includes the workplace. In the past, when a person found a job at a local company, he/she stayed there, often until retirement. These days, the job market is much different and it is very uncommon to see a worker stay at the same organization for their entire career. Some workers have limited upward mobility in their position, so they move to a different company, often spending little time in a role. Others work for companies that flounder or fail and go through layoffs. Whatever the reason you have a job hopping resume, here are some great tips for addressing it in an interview.

Mention it first. Discuss how you wanted to pick up as many skills as you could to diversify yourself and create a skill set valuable to any employer. If you had been head-hunted, mention that due to your reputation for excellence you were given offers too good to turn down.

Show your resourcefulness. If you left companies due to temporary work or the company itself failing, be open about it. Discuss your resourcefulness and resiliency at the time when you found your next great opportunity.

Discuss the positive. With all of the job roles you filled, you are bound to have a vast knowledge of a variety of fields and a marketable skill set. Demonstrate that you are a consistent performer who met and/or exceeded goals set forth for you. Have examples ready of how you helped a company in a difficult time.

Bring a solid closing. At the end of the discussion, mention how your achievement consistency can help the company with their customers, service or product. End with your desire to work for a stable organization where you can contribute to their growth for many years.