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Why Use Essential Personnel Opposed to an Internal Recruiter?

Internal recruiters are often necessary to keep your company running at full staff, but they are not your only option. Partnering with Essential Personnel for your staffing needs is a smart move.

Understanding of local workforce

Our consultants have a broad knowledge of the local labor market and can give your hiring team insight into what is happening. We have an extensive database of available talent, communication with them as well as an understanding of salary rates, career expectations and needed skill sets.

Broad influence

Many current job seekers are passive, or currently employed. Since they are not dedicating all of their time to searching for a position, they become more difficult to reach. Our consultants will work to find you the best fit, not just the easiest. Even if the best candidate is not currently active, our consultants will reach out to them if they prove to be the best fit for the position and your company.

We send matches, not applicants

When you are filling all the jobs in a company, you must go through all the applications. Partnering with Essential Personnel reduces the influx of applicants to only the top matches for your open positions. Your time and resources will be focused on sifting through only a handful of candidates versus piles of applications.

If you have any questions about how an Essential Personnel partnership can help your company, call one of our experienced consultants today.