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Hiring is costly, timely and can be exhausting. Making the wrong hiring decision can be an unnerving thought. Why not try your employees out before you hire them on permanently?   Using a staffing agency is a proven way to test your employees fit in your company and the position you are hiring for before committing yourself to them.

Here are some of the benefits to utilizing Essential Personnel:

Cost – You will save money on payroll administration and fringe benefit costs until deciding if you want to bring the employee on full time.

Time –The employees that will be sent to you for your review will meet your specifications. This will eliminate the employee search and possibly some training time.

No long-term commitment – If your company does not have enough work to keep a full-time employee busy, you can fill the position when needed. Then, when things pick up, and if the worker is a good fit, you can extend a full-time invitation.

Fill vacancies – When your full-time employees are vacationing, taking maternity leave, or have large projects to complete; you can fill the void by hiring a temporary worker to relieve the strain placed on your everyday staff. This will help your company stay on schedule. This candidate now becomes a possible replacement for a current full-time employees should they ever leave the company.

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