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Save Time and Money with Staffing

As a manager or owner the cost and time commitment it takes to hire or make the wrong hiring decision can be an unnerving thought.  Why not try your employees out before you hire them on permanently?   Using a staffing agency is a proven way to test the employees fit in your company before committing yourself to them.     

Here are some of the benefits to utilizing Essential Personnel:

Cost – You will save money on payroll administration and fringe benefit costs until deciding if you want to bring the employee on full time.  If you only need seasonal or short-term tasks completed, skilled temporary help can help with non-critical or low-value tasks, freeing your top employees to spend their time on productive, profitable work. Flexible staffing can reduce your labor cost up to 20 percent!

Time – We maintain a database of applicants, and can quickly pinpoint candidates who have the skills, experience and personality traits to be successful in your work environment. The employees that will be sent to you will meet your specifications. This will eliminate the time spent searching for an employee.

Fill temporary vacancies – When your full-time employees are vacationing, taking maternity leave, or if you have large projects to complete; you can fill the void by hiring a temporary worker to relieve the strain placed on your everyday staff. This will help your company stay on schedule.  This candidate now becomes a possible replacement for a current full-time employees should they ever leave the company.

It works for 100’s of our clients each day. Let it work for you!