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Hiring Based on Transferable Skills

Do you find that you are having a difficult time hiring people with industry experience? In a tight labor market it can be advantageous to seek workers with a transferable skill set who are currently working in a different industry. This is not to suggest to lower your hiring standards, but to open your search up to the same skills, found in an adjacent industry.

Bringing on individuals without industry experience can be beneficial to your company. These people can bring new insight to the position, new ideas, solutions and possibly even new products. Workers outside the industry will bring new perspectives with them to the job.

Every industry is different and each employee brings unique experience, knowledge and skills. By diversifying your workforce you will create a well-rounded thought culture ready to tackle demanding tasks using varied perspectives pulled from past experiences.

Constructing a team with varied industry backgrounds will not only open up your positions to additional qualified applicants, but will also create a well-rounded and powerful team. The whole team will be greater than the sum of the parts.