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Overcoming Low Unemployment Rates

The unemployment rate is very low throughout the Heartland. With a low unemployment, labor markets tighten and it becomes increasingly difficult to recruit, retain and expand a business.

Overcoming Low Unemployment
You have probably faced difficulty staffing in the past, times when you couldn’t find the exact right employee for one job or another, for one reason or another. With HR’s current full agenda, it can be difficult to focus so much time and energy to filling positions and competing for job seekers. It is going to take more than a few isolated recruitment tricks or updated training techniques to overcome the problem. To combat the staffing shortage, HR professionals must roll up their sleeves and do some serious thinking about how they find, utilize and retain good employees.

When the unemployment rate drops, there are often not enough applicants remaining who possess the skills needed. Thus, employers are left deciding whether they should hire people without those skills and then train them or look at nontraditional work backgrounds that may offer a transferrable skill set.  Success comes from ability and experience, not strictly one or the other.  With drive and passion, employees can exceed expectations; adversely, with lack of these, an employee can fall short of hopes.

At Essential Personnel we provide services for our clients that include recruitment and selection of employees for companies who don’t have the time to interview and hire:

  • Expertise in management
  • Temporary workers for companies who need workers from a day or two to a whole season
  • Temp-to-hire workers that companies can “test” while they maintain employment through Essential Personnel
  • Direct hires
  • and much more.

Using a job placement agency like ours to staff can actually result in a lower hiring cost for companies.  It allows a savings in human resource staff, as well as the cost related to hiring; like advertising, recruiting, pre-employment testing, background screening, drug tests, and interviewing time.  Our back office professionals also take care of all payroll processing, benefits administration and government reporting so you do not have to.

Our staff can also help with retention.  By giving a company the opportunity to observe an employee before rolling them over to their payroll, it gives HR time to ensure that they are a good fit and have a good work ethic.  Overall, we can help a company on a variety of issues; have HR call us today to see how we can help you save time and money!