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Safety Focused, Working in the Rain

The workplace is already filled with a wide variety of potential hazards. But, when Mother Nature takes an already dangerous situation and sprinkles it with less-than-ideal working conditions, it means that you and your co-workers need to not only be aware of new hazards, but also be aware that the preexisting ones just became even more dangerous.

When inclement weather comes around to make life a little more difficult, be sure to take the following steps in order to minimize risks.

Take Your Time

Working in inclement weather may make it tempting to work more quickly, but rain makes surfaces and equipment slicker, meaning that slips and falls are more likely to occur.

Wear Proper Gear

Make sure that you are using proper rain gear, including nonslip-grip gloves, shoes with deep treads and raincoats. Garments should be high-visibility and properly ventilated so that you can wear them comfortably for extended periods of time.

Check Your Vision

Rain can create issues with visibility, so if you are wearing glasses or goggles, use anti-fog spray or wipes on them before entering the elements. Hats and hoods can help deflect rain, but they also limit your field of vision, so be sure to turn your head more and take extra care in observing your surroundings.

Use the Right Equipment

Some power tools and equipment are not specifically rated for use in the rain. Only use tools and equipment that meet this qualification and that also have textured, nonslip-grip handles. In addition, when working at night, ensure that your lighting equipment is rated for outdoor use.

With spring on its way, employees should be prepared for less-than-ideal conditions. Working in the rain brings about many new complications, and taking the proper precautions can be the difference between a serious accident or injury, and a job that’s done safely and successfully.

If you have any questions about working in the rain safely, talk to your supervisor.