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“Tell Me About It!” Things You Must Share With Your Staffing Provider

Your staffing partner is on your side.

They can be a valuable partner, eliminating the headaches employers typically face.

Staffing agencies can:

  • Ease the strain on your HR and management staff
  • Speed hiring
  • Help you access better candidates
  • Control your total recruitment costs

Staffing Providers can deliver amazing results, but they are not mind readers!  Try these tips to open the lines of communication and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Make Communication a Priority

Great relationships are built on a foundation of honesty and open communication.  Open your doors, too.  Invite your staffing partner to:

  • Tour your location
  • Meet with employees
  • See firsthand how your organization operates

Share your business goals, challenges, culture, and priorities.

Talk Early and Often

It’s never too early to discuss an anticipated need with your staffing company,  The more lead time you provide on an anticipated need, the better your chance of landing great people

TMI is A-Ok

Your staffing partner can never have too much information about the role, company initiatives, corporate culture, wins, and losses,etc.

Don’t be afraid to err on the side of too much communication

Give and Take Feedback

Let your recruiter know what you liked and what you didn’t about each candidate.  It will help to fine-tune their search.

Ask them for feedback as well.  They know the talent market-they can provide insight into the competition, compensation, talent shortages, etc.

Show Your Culture

Let your staffing partner see your authentic culture.  Cultural alignment is a critical factor in making a great match- even when the role is a temporary or contract position.

Don’t Sugarcoat the Issues

Be open about the hiring challenges you have experienced.  Your staffing partner can provide solutions to those challenges- but only if they know exactly what those challenges are.

Give Them The Details

The job title doesn’t tell the whole story.  Leave nothing unsaid to ensure your staffing partner can provide candidates who exceed your expectations.


  • The responsibilities and benefits of the role.
  • Soft skills are required for success.
  • The types of people who have succeeded (and who have not) in the role
  • You measure job performance
  • Your timeline to fill the role(s) filled.

Learn Everything Your Staffing Partner Can Do For You

Find out as much as you can about your staffing company’s full range of services and capabilities.  Ask about solutions

  • Control costs
  • Boost revenue
  • Reduce employment risks
  • Increase your flexibility

View the Whole Menu

Check out the full slate of available services and solutions.  You may find just what you need to resolve issues that challenge your company.  Look for options like these:

  • Skills assessments and training
  • Assistance in developing job descriptions
  • Forecasting staffing and hiring needs
  • Staffing usage reports
  • Process analysis
  • HR assistance
  • Orientation for new hires
  • Payroll service

Find Out How It Works

Mutually agreed-upon processes and guidelines will help the relationship run smoothly.  Understand processes for placing orders, timeliness, measuring results, and staying in touch.


It’s OK to be Excited

A good recruiter will take a lot off your plate.  You’ve probably got big plans for all the time you save.  But be realistic about expectations like requirements, timeliness, pay rates, and the market.

Remember, they are not magicians.  If you couldn’t find a combination engineer/attorney/surgeon willing to work for $7 an hour, chances are they can’t either.

Ready to Build a Great Staffing Partnership

A good relationship with a staffing partner can deliver a real ROI for your business and give you a little peace of mind.  Contact us today for more details!