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Share a Little Love: How to Bring Out the Best in Your People

The grin from treating an employee with a box of chocolates might be fleeting, but these tips really “sweeten the deal” to bring out the best in your people, every day.

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Create Psychological Safety

When employees feel safe sharing ideas without fear of belittlement or reprisal, you’ll get better work from your teams and better feedback from your employees.  

Communicate Vision, Mission, and Values

These provide the “why” – the fundamental spirit that imbues everything your team does. Communicate these regularly not only words, but especially in your own approach to work and to people.

Reward Positive Outcomes

Catch your team doing well and let them know you caught them at it. From a simple high-five or “good job!” to tangible rewards like gift cards, show employees when they’re on the right track.

Use Consistency to Foster a Sense of Fairness

Teams that feel managers are unfair become preoccupied with restoring balance. Keep your rewards and consequences approaches consistent so your team knows what to expect – and how to respond to get desired results.

Be a Barrier Bulldozer

Make it part of your job to remove barriers, so your teams can do their work. Make it clear to your team that you consider this part of your role and will help when asked.

Teach and Model a Growth Mindset

Growth mindset: challenges are surmountable, abilities are growing things. Fixed mindset: challenges are insurmountable, abilities are fixed facts. Foster employees’ growth mindset by supporting and rewarding learning, effort, and teamwork.

Be Mindful of Recent Experiences

Employees who just came off a major win will be more optimistic about their chances of future success; employees who just faced a major failure will be more pessimistic. Bear this in mind to provide the perspective or support they need on current projects.

Lean into Growth and Development Opportunities

Give your team options to improve their skills, learn more about other departments, and develop a better understanding of the company and the value of their work within it.

Master the Art of Delegation

When you delegate effectively, teams gain autonomy and ownership, fostering a desire to excel and be proactive. Encourage this by delegating regularly and offering guidance only when requested or necessary for project alignment.

Model What You Want to See

Your team will follow your example far more often than your words. If you want to see their best work, their passion for learning, and their commitment to results, show the same effort in everything you do.

Put the Right People in the Right Places

When people are good at their jobs, they tend to enjoy them more; when they enjoy their jobs, they tend to be better at them. It’s a self-enhancing cycle. Use it to boost your team’s mood and results by putting the right people in the right positions. Your staffing partner can help.

Every manager needs to know how to bring out the best in their team. With the right approach, you can create an environment that inspires others to give their best effort.