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Help Needed!

On November 20th, a Grand Island family lost their house and all of their belongings in a fire. The family of three is in need of many things. We at Essential Personnel are collecting items for the family to help get them back on their feet. Here are some of the things that are needed:

Dressers, totes, mop, broom, dustpan, towels, rugs, laundry soap, Christmas tree, hangers, DVD player, end tables, vanities, shelving, coffee table, coffee maker, mirrors, microwave, toaster, laundry soap, cleaning supplies, shower curtain etc.  They like wolves themed decor and porcelain dolls.  Juanita (the Grandmother) is also in need of photography equipment, she lost hers in the fire and is a professional photographer.

Clothing that is needed: Women’s size 16-18 or 2 x shirts, 8 ½-9 size shoes (she likes clothes from KMart, Gordman’s and Walmart)
Women’s Junior size 8-9 pants, M-L shirts, 7 1/2 size shoes (she likes clothes from Maurice’s Kohl’s and JCPenney’s)
Toddler boy size 3T (this little boy loves Spiderman and Transformers)

If you would like to help out, please drop off any of the above items to Essential Personnel in Grand Island at 3415 West State Street by Friday, December 7th.