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Do you have Clout on Klout?

Social media and the utilization of it is becoming an increasingly important skill set.  Klout (and other similar sites) is a website that measures an individual’s influence based on their tweets, blogs and Facebook posts and uses an algorithm to assign a score to them, a Klout score.  This social media user score is becoming ever more significant to some businesses and industries as a social metric factor for hiring.

A high Klout score is particularly valuable in the sales, marketing and service industry where influencing is a highly valuable skill.  Some larger companies are asking for a Klout score during the hiring process and going so far as to use this score as a determining factor when deciding between the top two candidates.  (

The problem with this line of thought is that a person could have a high Klout score by simply sharing information that other people have written, researched and posted.  The value comes from understanding if the person with the high Klout score is creating the content.