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Healthcare Reform Checklist

With all of the unknowns surrounding the healthcare reform, it is imperative, as a business owner or manager, to have a checklist to ensure you are complying with all of the changes.  Changes started taking place in 2011 and will continue through 2014.  Here is a great checklist provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield:


  • Employees will be limited to contributing $2,500 annually to flexible spending accounts (FSAs)
  • Self-insured plans are required to pay a Comparative Effectiveness fee: $2 per enrollee to fund Comparative Effectiveness research
  • Inform high wage employees ($200,000 individual; $250,00 joint) of new Medicare payroll and investment income taxes
  • Provide employees with written notice regarding availability of Exchange plans and the potential eligibility for federal assistance to help pay for health coverage.


  • There are many major changes for 2014; plan to communicate the insurance reform changes to all employees, including individual coverage mandate, subsidies and tax penalties
  • Large employers are subject to a penalty if they do not offer coverage, offer affordable coverage or offer coverage meeting minimum value standards
  • Small employers (< 100) should determine whether to purchase coverage through an Exchange, if applicable
  • Prepare for additional reporting to the federal government on whether you offer health coverage, total number and names of those receiving coverage and any information about the cost of the plan