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The (Selling) Power of Video

As many organizations have recently learned, videos cell.  Adding a video to a product page to demonstrate its use, helps give buyers a complete picture of what they are purchasing.  Video is more encompassing of a product (or service) than photos alone.

Recently, an e-commerce video production company, Invodo, completed a report on video marketing and shared those results.  Here are a few take-a-ways:

When producing a video, ensure that it will play on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.  Invodo reported that 49% of smartphone users and 61% of tablet users watched product video in the previous three months.  Make sure your video will play on Apple and Android devices.

Put time, effort, and money into your videos.  53% of e-commerce shoppers prefer high quality videos.  47% said it would be more likely for them to purchase from an e-commerce sight that had a professional looking and sounding video.

Videos prevent buyer’s remorse.  51% of consumers were more confident about their purchase after watching a product video and were less likely to return their purchase, reported Invodo.

Invodo’s statistics prove that sales videos are worth putting on your site.  60% of the time consumers will watch a product video if it is available.  Videos provide instruction about a product, a demo of how a product looks and works, and consumer confidence because of this.  So go ahead, show the world how your company works!