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Healthcare Reform – We Can Help!

With the tangled web of healthcare reform enactments looming over us, many managers and company owners are concerned about how it will affect them and their business.  More and more company executives are turning to staffing agencies to reduce expense and liabilities.

Under the new reform policies, employers with 50 or more workers must offer affordable coverage, or pay a penalty fee.  By partnering with Essential Personnel, your company can stay under the 50 employee limit, diminishing healthcare expense and reducing exposure to liability.  Essential Personnel can staff full-time, part-time and temporary employees.

For large corporations, school districts, and city and county governments, Essential Personnel can keep employees under 30 hours per week, bypassing the employer healthcare coverage, mandate.

Also, with IRS regulations, there is a loophole for employers of “variable-hour” employees, such as Essential Personnel, since it is not clear upon hire if an employee will have consistent weekly hours, the companies get up to 12 months to determine if the person is full time and qualifies for health benefits.

A good example of a variable-hour employee would be a substitute teacher, or a seasonal worker.  By hiring through Essential Personnel companies can dodge the intricacies of how these employees will affect their bottom line and health insurance costs.

Essential Personnel can act as a consultant for your HR department with questions you may have about the impending Healthcare Reform Act.  We are continually educating our staff to ensure that we are aware of all of the new legislation connected to the reform and how it will affect businesses of various sizes.