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Working for a Promotion

You have been placed and are ready to look to the future, a promotion. Many people assume that if they come to work and do what they are asked that in time their reward will come to them. However, that is not always the case. You need to be a shining star and work to stand out. Here are some tips that can help you do that:

  1. Volunteer for assignments that will showcase your skills, help you add skills, and align your efforts with your boss’s key interests. Don’t wait for something to come your way, make it happen!
  2. Stay informed about your industry. Be sure to read industry articles and reports on the latest happenings and trends within your industry. Use your knowledge in conversations, emails and other related work activities to showcase what you have learned.
  3. Have a positive attitude. When it comes to work, or even life, people are drawn to others with an optimistic view. In a work setting being an optimist will allow you to see opportunities and encourage others to support you in your work quests.
  4. Do your best at work, now. Don’t live in your past successes, or dream of your future possibilities, but do your work your very best, NOW. Prove that you have the drive and motivation to propel you in your future endeavors.

Best of luck to you!