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How to Sell Yourself During an Interview without Stretching the Truth

When it comes to job searching, it is important to let the interviewer know that you possess the necessary skills to perform the job they are hiring for. If you are not used to talking about yourself or your good qualities, this can be a difficult position to be in. The worst thing you can do is to not be truthful, even if you feel your skills may fall short. A small white lie can hurt you and your possible future.

Instead of using any kind of deceit, get creative with how you represent your skills. If you are asked about past management experience, but have never managed people, promote something you have experience with. Discuss a project that you led and how many people reported to you, how time was managed, etc. Always try to provide good, positive examples of how your skills and work history are applicable to the current position you are interviewing for. Most skills you obtain in a given position will be transferrable to related areas and you can use them to sell how you have done something similar in the past. You just have to connect the dots for the interviewer.