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Successful On-Boarding During Your First Weeks on the Job

TargetMany people think the work is over once you land a job, but the truth is there is a lot more to be done. In the first few weeks of your employment, your colleagues will determine who you are. It is important to show that you are willing to work, learn and adapt in your role. Your first moments in your new career will have a lasting impact on your future work. Here are some tips to consider to make your on-boarding successful:

  1. Know who you are working for. Know the goals, objectives and culture of your company.
  2. Take time to learn. Fight the urge to be seen and heard and really take the time to listen in order to understand your coworkers, management and team.
  3. Build relationships with a mentor, peers and subordinates. These roles will help you in the future and it is important to nourish them from the beginning.
  4. Manage the image you are projecting. Be aware of your body language, actions and word choices.
  5. Be honest with you who you are by aligning your professional behaviors with personal values. Doing this will allow you to be known and seen as a person of trust.
  6. Do not speak negatively of anyone or anything. You should never speak to coworkers or peers about your personal negative feelings about someone you work with. It is especially important during the first few weeks. You do not want to be seen as a person of negativity.

With a little work on your personal brand by doing the above, you will be on the fast track to accomplishing your work goals and contributing to a positive team environment.