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Reduce Hiring Cost, Increase Productivity

When the time comes and you find yourself ready to add to your staff, your choices come down to doing it yourself or hiring a staffing agency. Depending on your reach, budget and time, you may decide to hire on your own. However, if you realize your time would be better spent growing your business, working on sales and saving the expense of multiple job ads, a staffing agency may be a better fit.

Reduce Costs

At Essential Personnel we have a database full of talented individuals ready to take their career to the next level. We offer and cover the costs of benefits and work comp while an employee is on our payroll. Along with these financial benefits, hiring through Essential Personnel also frees up your time by greatly reducing your candidate pool to only those who qualify, decreasing your time spent updating job ads and allowing your focus to be on business growth as opposed to weeding through applicants.

Poor hiring is fairly common in business. Finding the right employees for your company can be hit or miss, which is quite expensive. Once you realize that an employee isn’t a good fit for your company, you find that you are already committed.

Depending upon the candidate, some workers are looking for temporary to permanent positions while some are happy to earn extra money accepting only temporary work. We also have access to vast numbers of passive candidates willing to jump on the next opportunity that would be a great fit for them.

Partnering with Essential Personnel

When you partner with Essential Personnel, you benefit from the temp-to-perm hiring model. We ensure your employees are the right fit before offering them permanent employment at your company, allowing you to make more informed hiring decisions before a long-term financial commitment.