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Interview Tips to Help You Stand Out

As a job seeker you are marketing yourself to the business world. There are many ways to stand out amongst the span of resumes, the online applications and the endless emails. On paper you can present yourself as you want to be seen. You can add personality, professionalism and polish where it may not shine as bright in person. But when you get the interview, how do you dazzle?

Three simple improvements that you can make to yourself are to dress well, display good body language and listen. Dress not for the position in which you are applying, but for the position overseeing that one you applied for. A great outfit will give you confidence in yourself and naturally help you with your body language.

Carry yourself well and stand and sit with poise. 65% of communication is nonverbal; make your body language work for you.   Stand up straight, smile and remain confident throughout the interview.

Listen intently to the interviewer. Understand what is said before you respond. In an interview it is important to listen intently, comprehend fully and respond accordingly. If a question is confusing, reiterate what you understand to be said and ask for more clarification before you respond. Take your time to prepare your answers.

These three tips will make sure you stand out during your next interview.