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Are you ready for a career change?

You have recently determined that you are ready to make a change in your career, but are currently at a fork in the road. Do you stay within the same role at a different company, or are you ready for substantial change? Depending on the answer, you may even have to go back to school to learn a new skill set. However, before taking on the financial burden, do some research.

Begin by calling a hiring manager who has experience hiring for positions like the one you are interested in, ask what qualifications they are looking for and what would set someone apart from the pack in their pile of applications and resumes. Contact individuals who are working in the current position you are seeking, ask what credentials they had at the time of hire and how they landed their job. Continue with questions regarding the organizations they are involved with and what education level they have achieved.

From these conversations, decide if going back to school is for you and if it is necessary to land your dream job. Perhaps you could pick up these skills by volunteering or taking a similar position that you are more qualified for. Write your plan out, develop a timeline and budget, then go for it!