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Why Work for a Staffing Agency?

Staffing Companies Have Jobs To Fill

Administrative assistants, lawyers, chief financial officers, and construction workers—all have found jobs in the staffing industry. America’s staffing companies have jobs in virtually all occupations, including ones you’ve probably never thought of, such as pilots, biotechnologists, teachers, videographers, and dentists.

Businesses of all types and sizes turn to staffing firms for flexibility and access to talent. They know that staffing companies are experts in recruiting and matching employees for temporary, contract, or permanent positions. So when they have job openings, they increasingly go to staffing firms to help meet their workforce needs.

Transition to a Permanent Job

ASA research shows that temporary employment is a bridge to permanent jobs. Staffing employees have many motivations for choosing temporary or contract work. The most common reason, cited by one-half (49%) of the respondents to the 2014 ASA Staffing Employee Survey, is that “It’s a way to get a permanent job.” Nearly 90% of temporary and contract employees also say that staffing work makes them more employable. About half (49%) say working with a staffing firm is a way to get a permanent job. And one-third (34%) of temporary and contract employees were offered permanent positions by a client firm where they had worked on assignment—with two-thirds (66%) of those accepting the offers of employment.

Flexibility: Have a Life!

Temporary employment allows you to work when and where you choose. You can work full-time or part-time. Take a summer off. Work just three or four days a week. Fit your schedule around college classes.

Working for a staffing firm also allows you to experience a variety of industries, companies, and careers you might never have thought of trying—without a long-term commitment. You can find an assignment, job setting, or location that suits your current needs. Since businesses always need temporary help, steady work is common.

Choose Your Work

When you’re working with a staffing firm, you can gain exposure to a variety of companies, jobs, and opportunities. Assignments can range from a few hours to a few years. After several assignments, you’ll have a much better idea of the kind of corporate culture, management, and projects you most enjoy.

Source: Why Staffing? Jobs, Flexibility, and More. by the American Staffing Association