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Working Seasonal Positions

Many companies fill workforce voids by utilizing seasonal or temporary hires during their busy season. While seasonal work may not be a good fit for everyone, this type of work can be a great tool to get your career back on track, or start a new career.

Some of the benefits of accepting seasonal work include:

  1. Income Generation. Seasonal work may be just what you need to make ends meet if you are currently unemployed.
  2. Gain Skills and Experience. There are usually a multitude of skills that you learn on each job. Many skills can be transferrable to other jobs or even industries. By accepting seasonal work you could open a door to a long term job that is the perfect fit, or perhaps learn that your “dream” job is maybe not the ideal job for you.
  3. Reduces Resume Gaps. Gaps on your resume can be red flags to some hiring managers. Accepting temporary or seasonal positions can help beef up your resume while learning new skills and making new connections.
  4. Networking Opportunities. While working at a seasonal position, take the time to use it for your job search tool. You will be able to meet new people who also have connections, and you just may meet the right person at the right time to find the right career for you!
  5. New Job Offer Opportunities. Many companies will look to their seasonal and temporary staff first when a full-time opportunity presents itself. If you prove that you are an asset to the team, even if they don’t have a current opening, but project an upcoming need, you will be the person that first comes to mind.