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Confidence is an important part of everyone’s success. This quality is something that has to be built slowly within us. It is done by taking one step at a time. When I was young I doubted everything I did. I was held back by my fear of failure. Confucius says: That if one person says they are going to succeed at something and the other says that they are going to fail, then they are both right. Meaning what if you believe or you are confident in something then you will create the result.
I watched the video clip below of Will Smith. He has a lot to say. He truly believes that you have to be confident in you dream. You need know that you will succeed at your dream. Confidence in your dream will keep you going or moving forward to achieve it.
Jim Rohn says that if you have a purpose (Will’s idea of dream) in life then you can gain confidence. Once you have a purpose then you can take one step at a time to achieve that purpose. Mr. Rohn also states that you should not neglect the small daily disciplines. These disciplines can be small things such as:

• eating an apple a day,
• exercising
• completing that little project.

He goes on to say that confidence comes from feeling good about these small accomplishments. If you go through the day doing the best you can, you will be taking small steps toward your purpose. At the end of the day you will feel confident that you did them well. Each detail that you do your best at each day will slowly build your self-confidence.

Why did I choose confidence for this blog? I choose it because I believe that self-confidence is the key to success and getting that job. Through my personal development I have been able to improve my self-confidence. It my confidence that keeps me going forward and not giving up. I believe self-confidence can help you succeed, have a great interview and get that great job.