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How to Enter a New Industry

There are going to be job opportunities that come along that you are interested in, but lack the experience that is being asked for. If you are ready to switch jobs or enter a new industry, here are a few great ways to gain some valuable industry expertise.

Seek out an internship. Internships are becoming an essential part of the college experience. However, if you are looking to enter an industry and are currently working, don’t overlook this as a possible foot in the door. An internship could lead to a job with that company or at the very least give you experience and references to add to your resume.

Find volunteer opportunities. There are so many organizations that are in need of volunteer help. Some of these opportunities could help you gain experience outside of what your current talents and background is in.

Most companies look favorably on community involvement and volunteerism. Reach out to organizations that could help you gain the experience necessary and ask if they could use your help.

Don’t be afraid to network. Networking is a great way to make specialized connections that have potential to lead to a job. There are several business organizations that sponsor networking events, conferences and workshops. Each interaction you have could foster a new relationship. You never know who your connections are connected to.

Try temporary assignments. One of the great perks of working for a staffing agency is that you can try out different types of work before fully committing to the field or the company. This is a very low risk way to determine if a specific industry or company is a good fit for you.

The next time you are told that you don’t have enough experience for the job you want, try using one or more of the techniques above to gain more understanding and quality references to help get your foot in the door.