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Leading from a Lateral Position

Becoming a leader in the workplace does not necessarily mean that you have to be in a management position. There is a great need in every company for people with integrity to lead by doing, lead with reliability in their work and lead with support of their peers.

Lead by doing.
Coming to work every day with a positive outlook, attitude and effort will help you excel in your position. Rising above gossip, negative talk and conflict will help you shine as a leader and also improve your company culture.

Lead with reliability.
Working at 100% capacity may not always seem achievable. You may be sick or have issues that are shadowing over your workday. However, being reliable, performing each task to the best of your ability and owning your to-do list is an exceptional trait of any good employee and leader. If it is your responsibility, it is up to you to make sure it gets done and is done well.

Lead with support.
Supporting your peers, management team and all who work within your company is an incredible trait and relatively are. While it may sound simple, it can often be hard to see past your immediate work needs to help others. Having a high emotional intelligence, understanding their workload and listening more than you talk will help you become an exceptional team member and leader.

Bringing it all together.
Becoming an intelligent and forward thinking worker, you will set yourself apart and become a strong leader within your organization. Creating goals each day will help you take steps to become a cultural and team leader.