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Communicate Aligning Values in Your Interview

Landing an interview can feel like a huge accomplishment, but it isn’t time to celebrate yet. It is time to prepare. During the interview you will want to communicate that your values align with the company’s and show your ability to shine in their environment. Here are some of the top values hiring managers are looking for:

Individuality. Express areas of work where you have contributed something only you could. Everyone is unique; offer your value beyond just the job description outline. Your uniqueness includes your network, skill set, work experience and creativity.

Trustworthiness. Always be honest during the hiring process. Do not lie or exaggerate your skills. If it is ever found out that you have lied on even a simple detail, it will be difficult to impossible to ever regain the trust of the company leaders.

Forward Thinking. Communicate your growth mindset during the interview. Leaders are focused on the future of their organization and are looking for staff that will be as well. Keep your communication less focused on your personal growth and more focused on the company growth.

Prove your Motivation. It is relatively easy to say you are self-motivated, but what about proving it? Come to the interview with information prepared that would help the company. Depending on your area of expertise it will vary, it should be relevant to the position you are interviewing for.

Stay Optimistic. Have a positive and encouraging tone during your interview. Refrain from making negative comments about past employers, companies or experiences. Stay positive, be yourself and do your best!

Reliability. Proving that you will be a reliable employee may sound difficult, but it can be achieved. Be sure to show up on time. Have a story prepared for your interview about how you executed a task as you promised in a previous position or team project. At the end of the interview offer to follow-up in a precise way and follow through as you stated.

Show you are a Team Player. Most of an interview is about your personal contributions that you can or have made. However, it is important to show that you appreciate other people’s contributions and that you know it takes a team to meet and exceed goals. Discuss how you have worked with groups in the past and how you have made a positive impact.

These individual ideals are valuable across industries and job rank. During the interview be prepared to show your uniqueness and put your best foot forward.