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Turning a Temporary Assignment into a Permanent Position

If you think accepting a temporary assignment has no chance of turning into a permanent position, you may be surprised. Many employers are open to keeping valued workers on, either in their current temporary position or a different area with a higher need, after the assignment is complete. Here are some tips to take your current job from temporary to permanent.


When you interview with a recruiter, be sure to state that you are looking for permanent placement. If you are unemployed, temporary work is a great way to get income while the recruiter is looking for full-time work for you. Express your interest if you really enjoy working for one of those companies you take temporary work with.

If you prefer temporary work at the moment, but will eventually want permanent, explain why. Maybe you like the flexibility or perhaps the diverse days and learned skills. Whatever the reason, be sure to communicate your long term plan to your recruiter.

On the Job

When you are on the job at your temporary assignment, prove your work by being punctual and reliable. It is imperative to make a strong impression when you are looking at companies to work with down the road. Developing a great reputation while picking up new skills is a perk that temporary work offers, be sure to use this to your advantage.

Be Optimistic

Come to work with a great attitude and do your best on each temporary job. Your hard skills are looked at during hiring, but soft skills, such as attitude and fit within the company, are just as valuable. When other things are out of your control, attitude is not.

Remember the Basics

Remember, many temporary assignments can lead to full-time opportunities. It is important to always show up on time, give your best effort, keep a positive attitude and remain professional. Your next temporary assignment could be an audition for a full-time position. Make the most of it!