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Solving Staffing Issues with Urgency

At Essential Personnel, we provide services for our clients that include recruitment and selection of employees for companies who don’t have the time to interview and hire or are simply looking for a partner to help. We also offer expertise in management, temporary workers for companies who need workers from a day or two to a whole season, temp-to-hire workers, who are on our payroll during their probationary period and industry experts to help you find the best solutions for your company and direct hire candidates.

Essential Personnel’s staff continually seeks out new trends in human resources, recruitment practices, and industry changes.  By staying up to date on these issues, it allows the staff to provide superior consulting to company clients, as well as the ability to share knowledge to assist our clients on a number of fronts; including staffing, retention, and problem solving.

Using Essential Personnel to staff can actually result in a lower hiring cost for companies.  It allows a savings in human resource staff, as well as the cost related to hiring; like pre-employment testing, safety training and interviewing time.  Essential Personnel also can save companies money in payroll processing time, and benefits.

For hiring seasonal and temporary workers, Essential Personnel has a wide network and database with just such people.  Having this valuable asset prevents time loss and advertising costs on the end of the company.  Our staff works with urgency and knowledge to find you the best fit for your company.

Essential Personnel can also help with retention.  By giving a company the opportunity to observe an employee before rolling them over to their payroll, it gives HR time to ensure that they are a good fit and have a good work ethic.  Have HR call us today to see how we can help you save time and money!