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Why Employee “Ghosting” is a Bad Idea

“Ghosting” is a relatively new term used to explain the practice of someone ending a relationship without explanation and by simply withdrawing all communication. While this began as a term to explain an end to personal relationships, it is also used by HR departments.

Employee ghosting, on a professional level, can happen at any stage; from not showing up to an interview, to not showing up on the first day of scheduled employment to any day after.

If you have received a job offer from a staffing agency or employer, that means there has been time and energy invested into you. On top of that, they are prepared to continue that investment into the future. At minimum, recognize this investment by making a simple professional phone call.

Burning a career bridge in a small industry is never a good idea. If you “ghost” on a job offer, it will not be forgotten. Companies use applicant tracking software to keep a detailed notes on employees and applicants to make record keeping easy, your “ghosting” doesn’t go away….it stays in that digital file.

Not only does this leave the company in a bad position, wasting time and scrambling to replace you, but you cannot be sure where your future will lead and how networks connect and intertwine. Is a quick getaway worth a possible negative impact on your future career? A simple act of professional courtesy will help you stand out from the pack and leave doors of opportunity open, instead of firmly shut.