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Productivity Hacks

Is part of your new year’s resolution to be more productive? To use your limited time wisely? With a little bit of time dedicated to planning, you will find you are much more productive with your work.

Follow these simple steps:

Eat breakfast to fuel your mind. Having a healthy breakfast helps to jump start your day and prepares your body and mind for a busy day at work.

Plan your commute. If it takes you 30 minutes to get to work, give yourself 45 minutes. Cushion your morning with extra time to reduce your stress.

Prepare your workstation at the start of your day, whether that is an office desk, a machine, construction equipment, it doesn’t matter, make sure it is ready.

Create a “to do” list that you can reference throughout your day. On the list it is important to have a distinction of things that must be completed, things you would like to get started or completed and ongoing projects that need your attention.

Do what is important first. Tackle the “have to” list first thing. Some people like to get the biggest job out of the way and some prefer to start with the smaller items to simply cross something off. Do what works for you.

Think positive. The power of positivity cannot be measured. Tell yourself it is going to be a great day, and it will. If you find your mindset becoming negative, simply stop for a moment and list 3 things you are grateful for to reenergize your positivity.