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Don’t Stretch the Truth, Find Yours

When it comes to job searching, it is important to let the interviewer know that you have the skills necessary to perform the job you are interviewing for.  This can put you in a position to feel like you need to tell a small white lie, or stretch the truth.  Don’t.

Take inventory of the skills and experience that you have from past work, volunteering, school, etc. Brainstorm how these skills can work for you in the position you are applying for. When it comes time to interview, be prepared with your answers.

Get creative with how you represent your skills.  If you are asked about past manager experience, but have never managed people, promote something you have.  Discuss a project that you led and how many people reported to you, how time was managed, etc.  Always try to provide good, positive examples of how your skills and work history are applicable to the current position you are interviewing for.

Take advantage or your unique life journey and the experiences, skills and stories you gather. Find your confidence and be yourself when you interview, you have this!