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Cyber Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

Cybersafety isn’t just a job for your IT department or contractor. Cyber attacks and data breaches have become far more common and far more costly in recent years. According to a 2018 Ponemon Institute study, 27% of data breaches are caused by negligent employees or contractors.

Protect yourself and your organization by remembering these tips:


  • Don’t go phishing—Phishing emails are often sent from an address that looks like it can be trusted or like it is from within your own company. Do not open any attachments or click any links within an email unless you are certain the sender can be trusted.
  • Use strong passwords—Use a variety of passwords that have a mix of capital and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Change your passwords periodically and don’t leave them written down for others to find.
  • Follow software guidelines—Do not install unauthorized software on your company devices, and make sure to keep authorized software updated.
  • Keep your devices safe—Not all data breaches happen over the internet. Company data can also be compromised if you misplace your device or if an unauthorized person is allowed to enter your office.
  • Be careful with connections—Beware of public Wi-Fi networks. Use password-protected connections and double-check the spelling of the network to avoid slightly misspelled fakes. Use your company’s VPN when possible.


With potential cyber threats coming from many different directions, it falls on each and every employee to be cautious and do their part in keeping your company safe.