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Will the Job Candidate be a Good Cultural Fit?

Finding the right staffing fit is important to the health of your company. Hiring the wrong candidate can mean a waste of time, money and resources. Knowing that cultural fit is important doesn’t necessarily make it easier to determine if the candidate will be a good match for your company. Here are some tips to help you determine the best hire beyond technical qualifications.

Company Culture
The first step is to understand the details of your company culture. Who generally succeeds in your company? What do top performers have in common? How does this person fit with your company’s mission statement and organizational values?

Involve Team Members
The interview process can be hindered when only one person is involved. If the candidate can meet with multiple team members you can glean insight from each person he/she meets. Getting along well with multiple members of the team will be valuable to the company culture.

Compare to Top Performers
What skills and traits do your top performers have in common that work well for your company? Do any of your potential hires have these? Understanding what makes your top performers connect to the company will help you find the best candidate.

Knowing what makes your company unique and the type of people who excel in your culture will be priceless information when making your next hire.