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Business Travel Safety

Traveling by car for business? To minimize your risks when you are driving alone and avoid unwelcome encounters, follow these useful safety tips.

Be Ready

Have your key in your hand when going to your car. If you sense you may be in danger, pre-dial 911 on your cell phone before heading to your car.


Plan ahead. If you will be leaving after dark, park in a well-lit area. Always lock your car.

Inspect Your Car

Look around and under your car when you return to it. Check for flat tires, which might indicate tampering. Look inside the car to be sure nothing has been tampered with. Return to the building you came from at the first sign of trouble.

Trust Your Instincts

If you have been followed to your car or if you suspect someone is hiding in or near it, quickly move away and find help. If you believe you may be in trouble, do not hesitate to call for help or activate your car alarm.

Be Cautious, Even Inside

Once inside the car, drive with the doors locked and keep your windows up whenever possible. Be alert at stoplights.

Take Action

If you suspect you are being followed, do not drive home! Pull in to the nearest, safest well-lit place and call the police.

Be Smart if Bumped

If you get bumped, do not get out of your car unless you are in a safe public area. Criminals might purposely bump you and then wait for you to get out of your car to rob you. If on an isolated road, call 911 immediately. If you do not have a cell phone, continue driving to a public area. If the accident is legitimate, the other driver should follow.

Making an Emergency Call

Describe what is happening in detail. Include a description of your location and surroundings, as well as any information or description you can provide about the person or persons who are threatening you.

Keep Loved Ones Informed

If your trip involves several stops, tell someone where you plan to go and when you will arrive home.