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Why Work for a Staffing Agency?

The best reason to work for a staffing agency is the reliable connection to the work you need and want. The staffing and recruiting industry is always hiring. But there are a host of other reasons why staffing can be a great choice for you.

Administrative assistants, lawyers, chief financial officers, and construction workers—all have found jobs in the staffing industry. America’s staffing agencies have jobs in virtually all occupations, including ones you’ve probably never thought of, such as pilots, biotechnologists, teachers, videographers, and dentists.

Get Noticed by Companies That Are Hiring

Looking for work is not easy and can be a drain of time and energy. Staffing agencies help job seekers get noticed and land positions that match their qualifications at companies that are hiring. Agencies have access to positions that otherwise may have not been posted—and can get résumés in front of the right people.

Looking for jobs is an impersonal process. Staffing agencies work one-on-one with job seekers to ensure they are considered for positions that match their skill sets and needs. Many agencies make support services available to candidates, like résumé revisions and interview prep workshops.

Staffing agencies are partners to job seekers and are interested in the success of their individual temporary and contract employees.

Working for a staffing firm also allows you to experience a variety of industries, companies, and jobs—without a long-term commitment.

Source: The American Staffing Association