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Building Trust

Building trust during the interview process is critical. Trust is a huge component needed in valued employees. How, though, do you convey that you are trustworthy? Here are some body language tips for your next interview.

• To begin the interview, a firm handshake is in order. A loose handshake comes off as timid, or a lack of confidence. Firm is the way to go.

• Eye contact is crucial. Most individuals don’t struggle with this regularly, but it can be a different story when nerves have the best of us. Focus on having good, steady eye contact with your interviewer. It is normal to glance away, but sporadic eye contact communicates distraction or even dishonesty.

• Stand tall, present yourself with confidence and hold your shoulders back. A slumped posture or sagging shoulders can communicate a lack of effort to an interviewer, or even a lack of sureness.

• Along with keeping your shoulders straight, keep your arms down. Crossing your arms or having them stiff and behind your back can send a mixture of bad signals from threatening to pretentious. Keep your arms loose and your posture open.

• Be aware of your hands. Avoid twiddling your thumbs, biting your nails or just fidgeting. These are very visual signs of nervousness. The best way to hold your hands is in front of you, relaxed. Gesturing while you talk is great, as long as it isn’t too big and remains casual.

• One of the best ways to build trust is through understanding. To display this with body language, mirror the interviewer’s emotions. Nod to display interest, smile and show concern when appropriate.