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Make Social Media Work for You

In this frenzied, digital era current job seekers are exposed on their social media pages.  Whether your social site of choice is Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or another, anything you post online is conceivably going to be seen by hiring managers or HR directors at the companies you are applying to work for.

Social media activity can be seen as a negative. However, this is a wonderful opportunity to show some of your attributes that are difficult to portray on paper.  Use these digital spaces to highlight your volunteer career, diligent work ethic, past work you have done, your local business connections and anything positive that could relate to your field of work. Show the world your attributes.

Once your social media pages have been updated by emphasizing your strengths, and after you have removed any unfavorable images, put your page links on your resume.  This will give yourself an advantage by taking something others are shying away from and highlighting your own strengths with it. Take something that could be a negative and shape your image and pages into something that works for you. Make it easy for hiring managers to see you have nothing to hide and are ready to get to work.